“Thank you and your team once again for a truly stimulating educational opportunity! To empower our students is the best achievement or outcome we can wish for and you have facilitated just that. It is an incredible feeling for them to know that people listen at the upper echelons and that their voices matter.”
Taina, R H King Academy

“Working on this project has been eye opening for many of the students.  Examining the projected impacts on things that will influence their lives locally brought the issue of climate change home for them.  Over the project I noticed a distinct shift in how the students perceived climate change and the importance of voicing their concerns and beginning to make a difference.  As a teacher I was proud of the effort and involvement the students wanted to have with the project.  It was a unique experience sharing their work not just with their class and school but with students from across the province.  The opportunity to work on something that is going directly to the government on behalf of the students of our province was one I was glad I could help the students partake in.”
Robert Millard, Notre Dame.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to share this reflection. This project is so inspiring. Bringing student voices together and empowering them to feel like they can effect positive change has likely engaged learners who would otherwise not connect strongly with climate change!”
– Julie, Instructional leader at TDSB.

“I’m very thankful that I had this wonderful experience and have definitely learned a lot through it. Words can’t even begin to express my level of gratitude for all the hard work and dedication put into this project. I’ve been thinking about starting an environmental initiative within my school and possibly my entire board. Thank you once again!”
– Delaine