Curriculum Connections

The Stormwater Challenge can be a part of many schools and classrooms. If you are an Eco-Club, Green Team or any group of students helping your school environmentally, the Stormwater Challenge is a great way to get involved, work together and make a meaningful difference in your school building. If your school is working for EcoSchool certification or trying to move up to a better ‘status,’ the Stormwater Challenge can help you get points in the “Teamwork and Leadership,” “Curriculum,” and “Environmental Stewardship” categories. Some diversion projects might help you get points in the “School Ground Greening” category. Participation in the Stormwater Challenge might also be part of your entry into different contests such as the Ontario Envirothon, the “Greenest School in Canada” contest, the Staples “Superpower Your School” contest, or Environmental Defence’s “Young Reporters for the Environment” contest.

Grade Levels

Classes of all grades levels across Canada are taking The Stormwater Challenge. The associated activities can be “scaled down” to reduce the grade level, difficulty and time needed by reducing the study area. To “scale up” the difficulty of the activities, focus your study area on a larger more complicated community area. Whether you do a short tour or a full stormwater action plan and take action, GreenLearning believes there is a something for everyone in the Stormwater Challenge.


Grade Level

1. Why Study Stormwater?

Short video and class discussion introduction.

3 to 11

2. Stormwater Mapping Tour

Choosing a Study Area around your school and mapping stormwater infrastructure.

3 to 11

3. Permeability Map

Creating a map of the permeable, semi-permeable and non-permeable areas under study.

3 to 11

4. Runoff Footprint

Measuring the rainfall and subsequent runoff in your Study Area.

6 to 11

5. Researching Your Stormwater Plan

Using Internet access to research different stormwater infrastructure solutions.

3 to 11

6. Presenting  Your Stormwater Plan

Pulling all your materials together into a plan.

5 to 11

7: Taking Action!

Choosing an action that will make a stormwater difference.

3 to 11