What is the Stormwater Challenge?

The ultimate goal of the Stormwater Challenge is for students to develop a Stormwater Plan for your school or community. The Plan can then turn into Action Projects to prevent flood and pollution damage.  Discover the elements of stormwater infrastructure, uncover the risk of flooding, create maps and tours, calculate runoff and act to protect your school, community and homes from flooding. Prepare for your Actions with this series of motivating indoor and outdoor activities with your class, school or club.

Who can Participate?

The Stormwater Challenge is open to schools, educators, students, eco clubs, green teams, across Canada. Register now for the 2019 season! As classrooms learn and act they can also collect points to track their progress and be entered into draws for prizes. Look here for more details on the Stormwater Challenge.

What is the Issue?

Extreme weather and intense rainfall, made worse by climate change, has an enormous impact on communities and local streams, rivers and lakes, a fact that was reinforced during and after the 2019 Spring floods. Even a typical thunderstorm can impact your community. Runoff can contain pollutants that are picked up as rainwater flows over surfaces. These pollutants eventually end up in our waterways and can have significant effects on water quality and wildlife.

Grade Levels

Classes from grades 3 to 11  across Canada are taking the Stormwater Challenge. The activities can be scaled according to the size of your Study Area depending on grade level and time available. Whether you do a short tour or a full stormwater plan and take action, GreenLearning believes there is something for everyone in the Stormwater Challenge.  Look here for more details on the Curriculum connections.

Associate Learning Activities

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