Real World Ecosystems

This complete online education unit meets curriculum requirements for Alberta grade 7 Science and teaches key environmental concepts using relevant examples. Students learn about ecosystems, cycles of matter, and how to make changes to our ecological footprint.

More than twenty Science lesson plans with teacher materials, student materials, and assessment tools combining online learning with hands-on classroom activities, as well as PowerPoint presentations to support a diversity of learning styles.

Launch Module


  • More than 20 lesson plans with teacher materials, student materials and assessment tools that cover ecosystem cycles and interaction, balance and change, and decision-making and change.
  • A combination of online and hands-on learning to appeal to diverse learning styles.
  • An interactive map teaches students about the various ecosystems across Alberta.
  • Explore the past, present and future of a foothills ecosystem.
  • Calculate your ecological footprint and explore ways to reduce it.
  • Meets Alberta’s curriculum requirements for Grade 7 science.

Education Material Downloads


Unit A. Ecosystem Basics (6 files) [Download]
Unit B. Cycles & Interactions (5 files) [Download]
Unit C. Balance & Change in Ecosystem (5 files) [Download]
Unit D. Decision Making & Change (5 files) [Download]

Quiz [Download]
Quiz Answer Key [Download]