Everyone can have an impact on energy conservation through the choices we make in our daily lives. The EnerAction program teaches students about this connection by using our kid-friendly carbon calculator to assess the amount of energy used by the lights in their classroom, and then formulate a plan to reduce their consumption and track success. Best of all, it’s easy, fun and a way for kids of all ages to see the impact that behaviours can have on energy use.

Launch Module


  • Cool and fun online calculator with characters that guide students through using an energy calculator for their school.
  • Detailed educational units that provide context for thinking about where energy comes from, how to conserve energy, and thinking critically about complex energy issues.
  • Cross-referencing chart to the Suzuki Foundation’s Nature Challenge to see where our lessons support this program.
  • A lesson dedicated to discovering what their own ecological footprint looks like, with opportunities to explore ways to conserve energy in their daily lives and to take action to reduce their ecological footprint.

Dig Deeper

  • Your students can team up with Electra, EnerGuy and Sparky to battle the Carbon Critters! With our kid-friendly carbon calculator, kids will learn about the energy used, greenhouse gases emitted and dollars spent to light their school, and then explore ways to save energy and reduce costs. How much energy and money could they save? What would happen if every classroom in the school joined in? What would the savings look like over an entire year? Your students can find out.

Education Material Downloads


Unit A. Playing with Energy [Download]
Unit B. Acting on Energy [Download]
Unit C. Where's the Power? [Download]
Unit D. Walk a Mile in My Shoes [Download]
Unit E. Exploring Our Energy Ethics [Download]
Unit F. Puzzling over Energy Issues [Download]
Unit G. Lighting at School (4 files) [Download]
Unit H. Bright Ideas [Download]
Unit I. The Home of the Future [Download]
Unit J. Changing Our Ways [Download]
Unit K. Taking the Lead [Download]
Unit L. Ride, Roll and Stroll [Download]
Unit M. Back to the Future [Download]
Unit N. Once Upon a Bike [Download]

Curriculum Tables

Alberta – Grades 4-7 [Download]
British Columbia – Grades 4-7 [Download]
Ontario – Grades 5-7 [Download]


Teachers Guide [Download]
Eneraction Meets Nature Challenge [Download]
Backgrounders (6 files) [Download]