Electricity All Around Us

This program teaches the electricity unit in the elementary Science curriculum with an interactive module designed to engage young learners. Guided by the character Electra, students explore things that make, use, and carry electricity and electromagnetism.

Electricity All Around Us uses a mixture of online and printable activities to support a diversity of learning styles.

Launch Module


  • Students can build an ammeter, electromagnets, parallel and series circuits, fuses and a model wind turbine.
  • Explore home energy use and the role of EnerGuide labels in making eco-friendly product purchases.
  • The Build a House tool shows students how much energy household appliances use, including a comparison of efficient newer appliances and older energy hogs.
  • The program is aligned with the elementary science curriculum’s electricity unit.

Education Material Downloads


Unit A. Electricity Basics & Safety (5 files) [Download]
Unit B. Electrical Currents (6 files) [Download]
Unit C. Electromagnetism (6 files) [Download]
Unit D. Electrical Circuits (6 files) [Download]
Unit E. Electricity We Use (7 files) [Download]

Quiz [Download]
Quiz Answer Key [Download]