Cool 2.0

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today—unless we make changes to how we live, it could drastically alter our planet. COOL 2.0 is an online hub where you’ll find everything you want to know about climate change and sustainability.

There are lessons for all grades. In Grade 1, students could learn about the basic needs of all living things, the predator-prey relationship and what might happen if one species was removed from an ecosystem. Grade 4 – 7 students are challenged to get creative as they take a look at conventional transportation and brainstorm other ways they could get to school, hockey practice or a friend’s house. And high school students can look into the impact of climate change where they live, exploring ways their community can take action to address these changes.

Launch Program


  • Activities and interactive lessons introduce elementary students to sustainability.
  • Experiments and inquiry-based lessons engage high school students.
  • A resource database contains hundreds of resources selected by teachers.
  • The Teacher Forum feature is a built-in community and online forum for teachers to collaborate, ask questions and discuss challenges and successes.
  • My Colleagues feature lets teachers connect to share lessons and set up collaborative projects.
  • Class accounts help teachers create assignments, customize resources in the Education Database, and integrate blogs, maps, videos, online discussions and media galleries into class activities.

Dig Deeper with Collaboration

  • Collaboration often leads to students considering different perspectives—and it doesn’t have to be limited to your classroom. Many COOL 2.0 lessons can support collaboration between local schools, or even another school across the country. For example, for lessons on the oil sands, a school in Toronto could link up with a school in Fort McMurray, allowing students to compare the impacts of climate change in their communities.

An Education Database at Your Fingertips

  • The COOL 2.0 resource database contains hundreds of resources selected by teachers and educators. You can search for resources and add them to your COOL 2.0 classroom or add your own resource to the database.