Ontario Classrooms Tackle Climate Change!

We’re excited to announce that the Government of Ontario, through the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, has awarded GreenLearning a grant to conduct the Ontario Youth Dialogue on Climate Leadership program!

As part of our Climate Change Where I Live program, this opportunity gives youth a voice on environmental action in Ontario. It partners young leaders with government officials, who will allow them to express their opinions on actions they’d like to see taken to move the province towards a low carbon future. Twenty six teachers across Ontario will facilitate the program and guide students through their investigations of the impacts of climate change.

The result will be a collaborative, student-developed white paper presented online at a virtual Town Hall meeting in May to demonstrate the results of this program.

Want your students to get involved? Take part in the online conversation by Tweeting or Facebook posting commitments you and your classrooms can make to lower your carbon footprint (use the hashtag #CCWIL).

We will be compiling a list of actions that will be published online on the commit2act app. Plus, you can ask the Ministry officials at the Virtual Town Hall questions your classroom has regarding climate policy in Ontario. Submit your questions using #CCWIL on Facebook and Twitter!