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About Jamila Kyari, Communications Manager

As someone who loves the great outdoors, I enjoy taking long walks in the park and exploring new trails. Having an opportunity to spend time outside is a strong incentive for me to make sure that

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About Mary McGrath, Executive Director

When I was in Grade 7, I travelled with my cousins to Florida, where I saw a dolphin pack swimming in the ocean not far from the beach. That amazed me. As a

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2016 Solar Oven Challenge

Announcing The 2016 Solar Oven Challenge Winners! GreenLearning Canada hosts this delectable renewable energy challenge for Canadian classes every year which challenges participants to build, test, and bake with solar ovens. Read More »

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Ontario Classrooms Tackle Climate Change!

We're excited to announce that the Government of Ontario, through the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, has awarded GreenLearning a grant to conduct the Ontario Youth Dialogue on Climate Leadership program! Read More »

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