Overview of GreenLearning Ambassadors

The GreenLearning Ambassador Program helps in engaging and empowering both students and teachers for a sustainable future. The program ensures that there is a student in each school who is actively  promoting energy, climate change and green economy education in through a variety of creative means.

Program Objectives

  • To increase awareness of GreenLearning as a leader in online learning about energy, climate change and green economy education in teacher communities across Canada.
  • To enhance involvement, engagement and collaboration between students and GreenLearning in the development of new modules or improvement of existing ones.
  • To recruit new Student Ambassadors to the GreenLearning Program.

 Roles and Responsibilities

  • GreenLearning Ambassadors may represent the organization by approaching teachers within their school to build and establish relationships, develop and implement programs that encourages the use of GreenLearning’s programs throughout the school, recruit new Student Ambassadors to the program, and assist elementary school teachers with teaching STEM topics using our online resources.
  • As the external face of GreenLearning, all ambassadors are expected to represent the organization in a decent and professional manner by adhering to the ambassador’s code of conduct.
  • In-class program delivery by conducting one in-class workshop or learning activity a semester for an elementary school class on any of GreenLearning’s online modules e.g. Solar Oven Challenge
  • Organize a science fair in collaboration with their school’s Eco Team/science or environmental class that would engage students in learning about energy, climate change and green economy.
  • Deliver a “Lunch and Learn” professional development workshop for teachers to explain resources and tools that can help them become experts in teaching complex environmental topics.

Expectations and Commitments

  • Ambassadors are expected to attend an online training session and a minimum of one collaborative meeting per month with the rest of the team.
  • All ambassadors will report to the Communications Manager and will receive a letter of recommendation for their portfolio once their specified amount of volunteer hours has been completed.
  • Ambassadors must inform the Communications Manager if something hinders their ability to contribute to the program for a specified period of time e.g. academic work
  • Ambassadors will create and implement opportunities such as special events where teachers will be given an opportunity to understand GreenLearning’s programs.

 Volunteer Hours

  • The GreenLearning Ambassador program may qualify as volunteer hours if the roles and responsibilities outlined in the program have been met by the student
  • A daily log or time-sheet must be used to track the experience and work done throughout the hours of volunteering. Pictures should be taken of the events held by the Ambassador (picture consent forms will be required from all participants).
  • All material will be reviewed by the Communications Manager and it is the ambassadors’ responsibility to ensure that his/her volunteer hours and tasks are completed.
  • It is the responsibility of the ambassador to ensure the volunteer hours are approved by GreenLearning and their school.

Application and Enrolment Dates

Registration for GreenLearning Associates takes place every year throughout the month of September and new recruits can sign up below.