Re-Energy Challenge

Turn youth into energy engineers by challenging them to design, build and test the working model of any renewable energy technology!

Energy Storage

Create an energy storage model so students can learn more about how renewable energy is stored and harnessed into electricity.

Electric Vehicle

By building their own working model of an electric vehicle, students will learn about the electrification of transportation.

Home Energy Detective Challenge

Teach students to be environmentally friendly at home by making small retrofits and adopting behaviour changes towards using energy a little more wisely.

Home Flood Protector Scavenger Hunt

Youth can become Home Flood Protector superheroes by leading their families in practical action to protect homes from flooding.

Circular Economy Activity

Inspire students to reduce waste by applying a remake, reuse and recycle model in creating an entirely new product from recycled materials.

Decoding Carbon

Discover how policy is used to build a low carbon future and empower youth to become informed and active citizens for tackling climate change.

Maple Syrup Inquiry

Explore the effects of climate change on Canada's maple syrup industry in GreenLearning’s climate change inquiry.

Stormwater Challenge

Investigate, map, and calculate stormwater around your school and community and accept the challenge to take action on stormwater.

Science Fair

Get engaged in competitive opportunities for recognition such as science fairs and awards at your school and in your community.

Come Alive

Get your hands into soil, clay and a range of learning activities to make the vital topic of water and climate change come alive in your classroom.

Cool 2.0

An online hub for exploring climate change and sustainability.


A fun, kid-friendly introduction to energy conservation and carbon calculators.