When Canadians think of natural disasters like destructive floods we think of pictures from somewhere else in the world, but flooding happens here as well.  The rise in water levels in Spring is natural, but destructive floods are becoming more common.  Basements are swamped, whole neighbourhoods near rivers are under water for days and farms and businesses lose millions of dollars  Scientists teach us that these extreme weather events are caused or made worse and more frequent by climate change.  When was the most recent flood in your municipality?  What were the human impacts?  Imagine the economic costs?

Flood:Ed, the Flood Education and Preparedness Module, helps you understand the impact of these events.  Research and take action on the issue of potential flooding in your community and across Canada!

How can your school prepare for a flood?


1 Case Study - Flooding Damages

2 What would happen if your school flooded?

3 Where is your school located within a watershed?

4 What volume of water falls during a rain event?

5 What area of your school grounds is permeable?

6 How many rain barrels would your school need?

7 Take Action! Greenlearning Challenge - How can your school prepare for a flood?

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