Come Alive

Get your hands into soil, clay and a range of learning activities to make the vital topic of water and climate change come alive in your classroom.

Make a Splash!

Use the Inquiry Method to explore how climate change is affecting freshwater recreation in your life - and what you can do about it.

Climate Action 150

Over 600 youth from across Canada shared their experiences of climate change impacts in their communities, developed their top recommendations for Canadians.

Energy Revealed

Energy Revealed is grounded in research, backed by science, and is data driven. By making energy visible, it will turn youth into expert energy managers.


Flooding is the most common natural disaster in Canada. Flood:Ed helps students understand the impact of flooding and invites them to explore ways they can prepare against flooding at home and school.


Analyzing how the media represents current issues of climate change, energy, and sustainability.

Climate Change Where I Live

Students investigate how to deal with climate change in their own community.

Cool 2.0

An online hub for exploring climate change and sustainability.


Kids create an info-packed eCard about an environmental issue and email it to leaders.